hist-brewing: another thread

Andrew M. Hartig andrew at butter.ucsb.edu
Wed May 6 12:57:35 PDT 1998


I just joined this list a little while ago.  Since I hadn't seen any 
mail, I thought perhaps I had been dumped from the list.  But now that 
I've seen one post, I thought I would post a question I've had for a while.

If you can bear with a neophyte:
When the early English recipes call for "Oats" can one just substitute (or 
use) an equal amount of "Quaker's Oats" (the breakfast cereal) or do the oats 
have to be processed in any particular way?  I have asked my local 
brewing supplier and he has never had any requests for oats and doesn't 
seem to know anything about it...  Any help would be greatly appreciated 
(again -- I'm a bit new here, so if you could go gentle the first time...)


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