hist-brewing: Preservative effects of Honey

manus at bcgrizzly.com manus at bcgrizzly.com
Mon Mar 2 09:24:59 PST 1998

>> > Does anyone know what kind of preservative effect honey has on ale?

>> Almost none.  In natural form, it's too concentrated a sugar solution
>> for bacteria or yeast to do well in.  Diluted, they find it yummy, if
>> lacking in some nutrients.  However, the malt should provide those.
>However, if it ferments along with the malt, it provides extra gravity,
>which means extra alcohol (if the yeast can handle it).

Actualy, according to my notes my starting gravity was 1.050 so there was
not a whole lot of alc.  That was why I was curious.  I do try to keep
things clean, I guess it pays off.  I had entered the bracket in a wine and
beer competition and the judges thought it was infected.  Possably they
thought the honey aroma was something else since they had not heard of
bracket before.

That was a wonderfull book list posted the other day.  Most of the brewers
I talk to go on and on about Digby.  I KNEW there had to be other sources.


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