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Pug Bainter pug at pug.net
Sat Feb 28 10:47:34 PST 1998

bjm10 at cornell.edu said something that sounded like:
> > that's 8 pints.  With 16 lbs. of Honey, I get a SG of about 1.080, which is
> > light to most peoples taste.
> OG of 1.080 is "light"?  True enough, I don't do mead, but if that were a 
> malt wort, OG 1.080 is getting into the Imperial Stout or even barleywine 
> range.

Meads, just like wines and ciders, tend to have much higher OG, and
depending on taste, a much lower FG. (I prefer very dry [FG ~1.000], while
my lady prefers much sweeter [FG ~1.012 - 1.020].)

For example, an OG of 1.080 and an FG of 1.000 (not out of the question
with wines) would give you an 11% alcohol by volume wine. This would be
a bone dry wine. (Well we've had them go as low as 0.994 with ciders and

We have had meads/cysers start with OG as high as 1.174 and end at an FG
of 1.010. This is approximately 23% by volume. It was using a Pasteur
Champagne yeast.

Matter of fact, we have a spiced cider ready for bottling that started
at OG of 1.102 and is at 1.010 as of today for approximately 13% by
volume. This is using Whitbread Ale yeast.


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