hist-brewing: Re: Domesday Ale

Paul Robertshaw probertshaw at sciencephoto.co.uk
Mon Feb 16 01:54:57 PST 1998

Earlier I wrote,

>Hopped beer had been made, according to one writer in 1302, in Flanders for 
>30 or 40 years.  From there it progressed to England.  The earliest English
>reference to beer comes from records of a Norwich
>aleseller being prosecuted in 1289 for selling 'Flanders beer' contrary to the
>Assise of Ale.  However, the drink was not imported in large quantities until
>the late C14th.  The first London record of the drink appears in 1372 as four
>barrels of 'beere' in the possession of one Henry Vandale (note the 
>Dutch name).  English production, rather than consumption, of beer 
>comes a bit later. 

Just thought I'd add that Norwich, London and Great Yarmouth (this 
last mentioned by someone else) are all in the southeast of England, 
and so usually first to pick up continental influences.  Other areas 
were slower to start using beer - Chester's (in the northwest) first 
reference to a lone beerseller doesn't come until 1477.

Paul Robertshaw

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