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On 02/13/98 23:23:58 you wrote:
>Historical Brewers
>I'm tickled by the discussion that my question has set off, as many
>questions as answers, which is fine.
>I like bjm10 at cornell.edu's suggestion that we use volume measures and thus
>not have to worry about converting to weights.  The unknown conversion
>factors drop out.  I agree that different grains have different densities.
>I just called the local feed mill:
>wheat is 60 lbs./bu.
>barley is 48 lbs./bu.
>oats are 32 lbs./bu. (why are oats always plural?)
>I believe that density is reduced a bit by malting.  But none of this
>matters if we just use volumes.  Thanks for that suggestion.   It does
>mean, however, that we are dealing with a lot less grain than we thought.
>So, wheat:barley:oats is not 1:1:4 by weight, but rather approximately 

This may not be a good representation of the actual grain bill. For example, 
oats were  often substituted 2:1 for wheat in receipts by regulation when 
using a sack measure, yet the quarter measure had one-to-one. From my 
reading of 14 & 15th century English brewing regulations, I believe that the 
weight interpretation is the correct one for the Domesday receipt.

The two resulting grain bills are radically different and will produce two 
different beers.

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