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Fri Feb 13 18:56:51 PST 1998

On Sat, 14 Feb 1998, Gary Phillips AKA Duncan Faramach MacLeod wrote:

> The earliest mention for England I have is 1524 When it was said:
> "Hops, Reformation, Bays and Beer
> all came to England in one bad year."

Nice rhyme, but let me extend your English hopping by 20 years:

To brewe beer x. quarters malte. lj. quarters wheet ij. quarters ootos/
xl. ll weight of hoppys.// To make lx barrell[es] of sengyll beer

According to the Michigan Early Modern English Materials online archive,
this dates to somewhere around 1503.  The URL for the archive is
"http://www2.hti.umich.edu/dict/memem/".  The URL for the specific recipe
I have done a redaction, and the URL for that is 
"http://www.people.cornell.edu/pages/bjm10/blort/Drake.html"--it should 
be noted that I am going to brew a somewhat different redaction from the 
same original recipe, just to show how different the results one can get 
from one original recipe.

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