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bjm10 at cornell.edu wrote:

> "Hops were used 'in period'"...
> A 17th-century reference is not valid to make a claim about a
> 13th-century practice.  Digby can show us that hops were used in England
> during the early 17th and late 16th centuries.  Now, how do you extend
> that to the 13th century?  While one can claim that hops existed in
> England by the 16th century, the trick is extending them backwards three
> centuries.
> Also, what is "period"?  After all, a re-creation of a porter ca. 1750 is
> every bit as much "historical brewing" as is a 13th-century monks' ale.

Good mi'lord,

Please note that the Digby reference was not my only support for my claim, there
is also Gerard's Herbal (1597) also list hops as used in ales and Beers. But if
earlier documentation than that is needed I am glad to provide!
First off let me say very clearly that the English would not have used Hops in an
ale as early as the Domesday Ale in question, My point, (and I may have misstated
it) Is that Hops are period for the SCA i.e. pre-1600's I sometimes forget that
there are historical brewers out there who are not in the SCA and for that I do

The earliest mention for England I have is 1524 When it was said:
"Hops, Reformation, Bays and Beer
all came to England in one bad year."
Following the Hundred Years war hops were sporadically used by by brits, enough
so that There came to be a law against the use of hops in England, (this was
primarily so that the church could keep it's control on brewing, but that is a
whole different kettle of fish.)
Germans have used hops as early as 768, And realized very quickly the
preservative power of hops, There are several german treatises on the uses of
hops, But I am going to movies with my wife so I will not list them now.
Peace to you all,
Duncan Faramach MacLeod

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