hist-brewing: Domesday ale

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Fri Feb 13 07:24:13 PST 1998

On Thu, 12 Feb 1998, Scott Mills wrote:

> Since 1 gallon of grain weighs about 4 pounds, you can guess that a quarter 
> of grain would weigh about 256 pounds.

Actually, that's what a gallon of wheat weighs.  A gallon of malted 
barley has a significantly lighter weight.

> To make the beer even more authentic it could be fermented and aged in Oak 
> and never see a glass or plastic fermenter.  I feremnted in glass but tossed
> in some oak chips for good measure.

It would also be open-fermented and likely not to have been sparged.  If 
the monks followed practices similar to later English practices, they 
would have "multiple-mashed" the grist, maybe combining the liquors into one.

> I plan to try the brew again this summer perhaps more than once and add
> various amounts or roasted grains and play with my Alecost additions to see

Small amounts of roasted grains is a good idea--manual kilning is harder 
to control.

> gotta figure how exactly I would do that).  I also think that I have a
> brewer that can provide me with some yeast that was cultured from a bottle
> retrieved from a 17th century English shipwreck.

Where is he?

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