hist-brewing: Domesday ale

Paul Robertshaw probertshaw at sciencephoto.co.uk
Fri Feb 13 01:45:49 PST 1998

> I think that you want:
> "The monks of St Paul's Cathedral brewed 67,814 gallons of ale using 175 
> quarters of barley, 175 quarters of wheat and 708 quarters of oats."
> from the Domesday Book (1086)

I think the source for this "recipe" is:

The Domesday of St. Paul's of the Year M.CC.XX.II	
by William Hale Hale [sic]

As you can see by the title, this "Domesday book" is rather later 
than its more illustrious namesake.  It's quite odd to think (at 
least with a modern mind-set) that 
anyone could think that things would never change until doomsday.

Incidentally, because the brewhouse of St. Paul's was attached to the
cathedral (later destroyed in the great fire of London) it was recorded
in the reign of Henry III as being a place where a criminal could claim
sanctuary.  Can't think of a better place to claim it.

Paul Robertshaw

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