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On 02/12/98 21:40:06 you wrote:
>Somewhere in one of my brewing books, in an note which I can't seem to
>relocate, I read of a list of a year's production of so many units
>(barrels?) of ale produced in England in the early 11th C from so many
>quarters each of barley, wheat and oats.  I think it was likely from the
>Domesday book.  Can someone help me out with amounts or at least
>proportions, and the source?  I hope to brew a strong (maybe as high as OG
>1100, unhopped ale) from first runnings and perhaps a braggot from second
>runnings.  I hope I've tracked down a source of malted oats, but if I
>haven't , I may malt my own or just use flaked oats.

I think that you want:

"The monks of St Paul's Cathedral brewed 67,814 gallons of ale using 175 
quarters of barley, 175 quarters of wheat and 708 quarters of oats."

from the Domesday Book (1086)

One quarter weighs 256 pounds. Depending on your assumptions for extraction 
efficiency, the OG should be in the neighborhood of 1100 or higher.


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