hist-brewing: Eighth Annual MashFest

Scott Mills Scott_mills at hp.com
Wed Feb 4 21:25:42 PST 1998

The Mash Tongues of Fort Collins, Colorado invite you to enter our Eighth
Annual Mashfest.  We will accept all homebrewed beer and mead.  This
competition is sanctioned with the AHA and the BJCP.  The number of
Categories will be determined after all of the entries are received.  Medals
will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place entries in each Category, as well
as for Best of Show in Beer and Mead.  Cool prizes will also be obtained
from local microbreweries, brew stores, and micro-oriented taverns to
accompany the medals.

We will accept entries from Saturday, March 7 through Saturday, March 21.
The judging will be held April 2-4.

This year the Mashfest will use the 1997 BJCP style guidelines.  This
includes the BJCP "Expanded" Mead Style Guidelines.  The style guidelines
are much more complete than the Mead styles we have used in the past.

Once again this year we have a style that may be of particular interest to
this group,  Style 30 is "Just Beer".  This category is for all of you out
there that make great beer but not to any particular style.  In this
category the judges will be instructed to concentrate on looking for clean
beers without perceivable flaws, and on the overall impression and
drinkability of the brew.

Additionally, if there is enough interest from the members of this forum, I
am willing to judge separately and award medals to a group of "Historical
Brews".  My idea is that entries in this category should be accompanied by a
small (only 1 page is needed)  research paper and a list of references that
detail the Historical Basis of the brew.  This paper would need to be
printed on plain white paper without any identification as to the
author/brewer so that anonymity could be preserved during judging.
Perhaps points that would normally be awards for being "appropriate to
style" (perhaps as many as 25 of the 50) would instead be awarded based on
the quality of the research.  I would be willing to hear suggestions on how
this might best be accomplished.

Obviously, this is not a small task because I will need to find qualified
judges that are also willing to take the time to look at the research
material.  If there is enough interest in this group and if I can receive at
least 10 entries of this nature then  I'll open this special category.
Otherwise, these beers would simply be judged as "Just Beer" without any
regard to the research.

For more information on the Eighth Annual MashFest check out the club web
page at http://www.fortnet.org/~smills/masht.html.

Or, contact me directly for information or comments as scott_mills at hp.com


Scott Mills
Competition Director

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