hist-brewing: Re: Old Ale

John Sullivan sullvan at anet-stl.com
Wed Jan 14 23:49:57 PST 1998

Pug Bainter wrote:
> Hippocras is a spiced and
> usually sweetened wine; while braggart is a mead made with hops. This
> would make them both in the "wine" category for the special occasion,
> with the bitter flavor of beer in the Franklins' drink.


> The braggart a friend of mine is making calls for a handful of
> sage in addition to water, honey and hops. I don't remember the date 
>nor author of the recipe.
> If "braggart" is the same as braggot (I am assuming it is), then from 
where did the modern interpretation using malted barley in the mix arise. 
  If I am wrong please correct me.   Modern interpretations call for at 
least 50% malted barley along with the honey, hops and water.  Not saying 
that what you are reading is representative of the period.  Just wanting 
to know where and when the addition of malted barley entered the picture.

John Sullivan
St. Louis, MO

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