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On 01/09/98 11:30:23 you wrote:
>>An out-of-period publication date does not reduce the value of "The 
>"Out-of-period"?  The period of historical brewing is all of history, my
>dear fellow, and the methods of the 19th century IPA makers are every bit
>as appropriate and "in period" to this list as those of any earlier time.

You are quite correct. I inadvertently failed to qualify that my list of 
resources was aimed at 12th to 16th century brewing. In particular, the 
references are specific to Puck's request for my sources used in my response 
to Carl Betlan (which with one exception were limited to 12th to 16th 

The modern books referenced include various references to primary sources 
except where noted. Markham, Digby, and Tryon are all outside the time 
period I was commenting on. Markham is only slightly out of the 16th century 
based on the original publication date, but much of the material can be 
identified to the 16th century and other authors' works. 


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