hist-brewing: Beer: Ales? & Lagers?

Wylie A. & Gail D. Smith wyliesmith at isomedia.com
Thu Jan 8 17:49:18 PST 1998

that the
>categories of "Beer" are Ales and Lagers. Much further back in the
>history of beer and brewing such distinctions were of little concern to
>the brewer nor the consumer. The former often being the same as the later.
>Today, the truest meaning may denote more of an origin than a category.
>Ales being associated with beers produced in the British colonies and
>lagers of Germanic origins.
>Q:  Does there exist within this discussion group any formal distinctions
>between beer categories and/or styles?
>From what I know, Lagers are made with yeasts that "live" on the bottom, and
ales with yeasts that "live" on the top of the wort.
Lagering occurs at lower temperatures.  Using Lager yeast at Ale
temperatures creates its own distinctions.

As to specific styles, whose styles are you referring AHA, or what?
Any specific styles are appropriately discussed here.  I have seen a
WebPages devoted to Belgian Styles.

Hope this helps.

-Al Smith
SCA name: Owen Brewer

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