hist-brewing: soranzo's beer

Paul Robertshaw probertshaw at sciencephoto.co.uk
Thu Jan 8 07:14:00 PST 1998

> Arnold Chron., "English Huswife", and many other sources of the 16th and 
> 17th centuries make it quite plain that wheat was a common ingredient in 
> English brews at that time.  Oats were also commonly used, according to 
> these, and other sources.
> Some 19th century sources that I have seen referred to (but not cited) 
> also show the use of wheat in pale ales.

Thanks for the answer, but to clarify my question, I was wondering 
about the accuracy of the claim that beer made with more wheat and 
less barley was stronger.  And also, what effect would 
oats have in comparison to an equal measure of barley? (or 
indeed beans, which are quoted in some sources!?)

With thanks in advance,
Paul Robertshaw

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