hist-brewing: Distillation "recipes"

kat kat at kagan.com
Tue Jan 6 11:39:04 PST 1998

Paul Robertshaw writes:

I wouldn't condone any illegal activity, but for academic purposes 
there are distilled recipes to be found in:

Good gentle,

	Thank you for the reference!!!  I'll see that this gets forwarded to sca-distilling.

	Just for the record, good gentles, the purpose of the sca-distilling list is to find out what the regulations are for acquiring a license for an EXPERIMENTAL still and building one **for educational purposes only.**  We're talking about floral essences and such here, not (just) booze.

	The list administrator is being very very cautious about legalities and so forth; and we're all learning a lot about what is and isn't appropriate.  For example, did anyone realize that freeze-concentrating your mead/wine is illegal, as it is considered "cold distillation?"  I had no clue... fortunately my friend who had suggested it is no longer considering doing it himself; but you bet there were some frantic phonecalls...  :-)

	In the meantime, till the BATF regulations get scanned and posted, we've mostly been kicking around brew recipes.  :-)

	Again, thanks for the information!  We now return you to your regularly -scheduled list...

	- kat

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