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>At 07:21 PM 12/19/97 -0800, you wrote:
>>Ales & beer in England used barley malt (sometimes with added sugar be
>>that sucroce, cane or treacle) with a bittering agent or agents.  This
>Also wheat, also oats, also beans.  Sources:  "Complete Housewife" by
>Markham, an 18th century homebrewing(!) manual whose name escapes me at the
>moment, but which I have on reserve for me at Cornell's library while I
>make notes on it.  And other sources.
>>could be hops, bog myrtle or any other substances available.
>Sasparilla was mentioned as a hops substitute in the 18th-century work.

Markham, Gervase.  "The English Housewife, Containing the inward and
outward vertues which ought to be in a compleat woman; as her skill in
physick, cookery, banqueting-stuff, distillation, perfumes, wool, hemp,
flax, dairies, brewing, baking, and all other things belonging to a
household.  Iohn Beale.  London, 1615.  ('The English Housewife" contains
the 1615, 1623, and 1631 editions, collated and edited by Michael R. Best.
Queen's Univ. Press.  Kingston, 1986.)  Markham devotes several chapters to
wine, beer, distillation, the ordering of the brew house, etc.  Chapter IV
deals with the subject:  "ordering, preserving, and helping (i.e. altering
the color of, or adulterating) of all sorts of wines."  He especially goes
into great detail about the process of malting.

Many different bittering/flavoring agents were used.  Some of them, such as
bog myrtle, have toxic properties.  Bog myrtle in particular has been used
as an abortifacient.  If you are planning to re-create an older recipe,
please take the time to investigate the herbs called for, as not all of
them are safe to use.  If you have a specific question regarding an herb,
please email me & I'll try to help.


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