hist-brewing: Kenelm"s famous closet

Robert Alley robert-alley at email.msn.com
Fri Dec 5 15:00:43 PST 1997

I'm not sure if people have this book.  I just ordered my copy of the
hardback version, but haven't received it yet.  I'm including part of my
last email from an English friend of mine with the information (just in case
you're interested).

Take care,


Have you WWW access? if you have, go to www.bookshop.co.uk, and do a title
search for 'Kenelme'. Be careful about the spelling, as it
doesn't do part word matches. I'd looked before, and got no results
looking for Kenelm, but I finally found them by searching for Closet
(You can guess what most of the books were!). You'd be able to order
from them by credit-card if you wish There are two versions. A
paperback for stlg15, published by the bee-keepers association,
(classified under 'Stockbreeding' by the bookshop would you
believe!) which I think has only the mead recipes in, but I haven't
seen it. And a hard-back for stlg25.50.  I ordered mine through a local
bookshop, as I don't like passing card details over the web, but I
can give you any info you want on that one, as it's the one I have.
As far as I can tell, it's a complete issue, as it says:
"This edition first published in 1997, by Prospect Books, Allaleigh
House, Blackawton, Totnes, Devon TQ9 7DL The text is that of the
first edition, published by H.Brome, at the Star in Little Britain,
London, 1669"
It includes a lot of recipes for food etc as well as _many_ for mead,
metheglin, meathe, hydromel, and a couple of ales, ciders, and wines.

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