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Samuel Mize smize at prime.imagin.net
Fri Dec 5 06:50:34 PST 1997

Scott Mills wrote:

> At 10:19 PM 11/24/97 -0800, you wrote:

Sorry, I don't know who "you" was, I assume this will get to him/her.

> >What modern day AHA class would be most proper to enter with Harrison's
> >Beer? It doesn't have the herbs for an herb beer, and I don't think a
> >Belgian Pale is right either.
> >
> >Specialty Beer is too broad for a good showing.

First, decide what you want.  Do you want a prize, or feedback on your
beer's quality and flaws?  If you want prizes, brew what people
already know and like.  If you want feedback, Scott is right:

> The KEY is to make sure that you properly document any and all special
> ingredients and procedures used for the judges AND to make sure that
[the info gets to]
> the judges.

This lets the judges tell you their observations and ideas about your
beer, based on what you were TRYING to do.

> As far as styles for a historical recipe, unless it fits one of the defined
> styles very closely you don't have a chance in really winning.

Scott also said:

> First, let me comment of the remark another gentle made about the AHA styles
> being screwed up.  I agree that they aren't perfect but they do give us a
> place to start and a common frame of reference.

AHA seems, these days, to be responsive to substantive issues with the
guidelines.  Some concerns were raised about one of the styles on
Homebrew Digest -- I think it was a German regional style -- and an
AHA person replied, discussed it, and we found out that the style was
indeed changing in the next year's guidelines.

AHA is still a service organization, not a member-run association.
However, they do seem to be listening and responding to the members
right now.

> For people like me that just brew good beer I have a "Just Beer" category in
> my competition.  The category is judges on lack of perceivable flaws and
> overall drinkability.  I ask that any special ingredients be listed so the
> judge has something to work with.  It is a tough category to judge but I
> like the idea that these beers have a place to go.

Scott, have you posted this to Homebrew Digest?  Someone there was asking
for suggestions about a "not by style" category a few weeks ago.

Sam Mize

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