hist-brewing: Reference for method

bjm10 at cornell.edu bjm10 at cornell.edu
Wed Dec 3 20:06:56 PST 1997

In response to a question, I FINALLY was able to dig up my reference for 
a method that I cited in my ale recipe based off an early 16th-century 

The reference for determining if your mash water is the right temperature 
is as follows:

Anonymous. 1759. The London and Country Brewer, 7th ed. London.
   This is actually a three-volume compilation that describes the 
brewer's art as practiced in the middle 18th century in some detail.  The 
author presents himself as "Late of a London Brewery" appears to know his 
stuff.  While the major matter is brewing, and both commercial and 
household methods and ingredient proportions are presented, notes also 
appear on cellaring, bottaling, malting, and even the best soils upon 
which a country gentleman ought to grow his barley.  This book does not 
exist in reprint, or microform, so far as I know.

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