hist-brewing: celtic mead

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Sun Oct 19 06:52:32 PDT 1997

A basic mead recipe form celtic are.

Sweet Mead for 5 gallons.
>From Mark Poliner
 15# honey (mixed clover and other floral honeys like wildflower)
 2# Heather Flowers (washed & without fertalizer)
 4 ounces Rose Hips (provides vitamin C=anti-oxident & acid)
 2 ounces Spruce Leaves (acid source)
  "Froth of wine or ale added"  For modern times a wine years can be

For best representation of period style, an open fermentation could be
used.  This will inocculate the must with lactic & other micro-
organisms.  The acid bite these provide would likely give a flavor
profile that  would mimic medieval or pre-medieval brewing.

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