hist-brewing: Re: 1577 RECIPE

"Jay Hersh aka Dr. Beer®" drbeer at doctorbeer.com
Thu Oct 16 22:21:34 PDT 1997

>I am not really recreating the hop schedule on purpose. Authenticity is
>near impossible anyway. I just like experimenting with this as a base
>The Fuggles hops is really nice, but if I was recreating, I would use a
>hops with a higher Alpha Acid, like Nugget.

according to Brewing techniques magazine the Cluster hop was the variety
originally brought to America in 1629.  It has been grown here continuously,
and in New England can still be found growing ferally, that is having moved
off cultivated land into margin land and survived since hop farming moved
west about 100 years ago.

Given the fact this variety migrated to America in 1629 it was likely widely
cultivated in England at the 1577 date you seek to recreate.  My suggestion
would be that this variety would probably be the best historical choice
given its particular history.


Hopfen und Malz, Gott erhalt's

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