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Wylie A. & Gail D. Smith wyliesmith at isomedia.com
Wed Oct 15 19:27:39 PDT 1997

Dennis Walker wrote:
> 	In any case, Troy or Avoirdupois, I think a half ounce and an 
> eigth ounce are going to be virtually undetectable in 441 gallons. If you

> want to try to duplicate just the brackwort, at 8-9 of their gallons that
> works out to about 14.5-16 of ours so in a 10-gal batch you'd want to use

> 1/3 less or about 1/3 oz. orris and 1/12th oz. bayberry, using Troy or 
> Avoirdupois as you think appropriate. I wonder whether even in that 
> proportion the amounts are going to be noticeable.

Oh, contrare
1/3 oz. orris is quite a lot! It is a perfume herb, and is quite strong!
In my 10 gal recreation, I am going to make a 1/2 gal brackenwort

Just sent off for the orris

1 gram orris (rounding to the nearest gram) is what I will try
a pinch of sweet gale was just right in my last experiment.

I am not really recreating the hop schedule on purpose. Authenticity is
near impossible anyway. I just like experimenting with this as a base

The Fuggles hops is really nice, but if I was recreating, I would use a
hops with a higher Alpha Acid, like Nugget.

I want flavor and aroma as well, so changing the hops schedule is in order.

London Ale WyeYeast #1028 was the wrong yeast.
DanStar Nottingham Yeast (Dry Yeast) is much nicer flavor for this.

My Herb schedule for the last experiment:

Take off one-half gallon at the sparge, and add 1/2 tsp. Sweet Gale, and 
10 allspice (whole) let this sit during the boil and add at the end 
of the boil.

It is really tasty!
Not overpowering on the spice, but definitely there!

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