hist-brewing: Harrison's Beer

Wylie A. & Gail D. Smith wyliesmith at isomedia.com
Sun Sep 28 18:04:49 PDT 1997

My attempt at Harrison's Beer was filled full of events.  The hope is there
that it is still a good brew.
================================= Log Entries
   Date Started     : 09/27/1997
   Date Bottled     :   /  /    
   Starting Gravity : 1.050
   Ending Gravity   : 0.000
   Hop IBUs         : 27.2

It got is name! "Harrison's Horror"
The brackenwort was ruined when my wife closed the garage door.
The door crashed down on my temporary table, and there went the
gallon jug of brackenwort, as well as my hygrometer, beer glasses,
and a couple of bottles.

I made do by adding a pinch of Sweet Gale, and 10 allspice (whole)
at the end of the boil.

I also left out the aroma hops... it was too hecktic at the brew site!

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