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                           SUDS Recipe Report                        Page: 
09/27/1997 11:46:40     Middle Ages Beer

   Category         :  Herb Beer                
   Method           :  Full Mash
   Starting Gravity :  1.065
   Ending Gravity   :  1.016
   Alcohol content  :  6.3%
   Recipe Makes     : 10.0 gallons
   Total Grain      : 26.00 lbs.
   Color (srm)      :  5.3
   Efficiency       : 70%
   Hop IBUs         : 42.2

 21.00	lb.	Gambrinis ESB            
  3.00	lb.	Oats                     
  2.00	lb.	Wheat                    

 3.00	oz.	Fuggles        	 4.4%	60 min
 1.50	oz.	Fuggles        	 4.4%	30 min
 1.00	oz.	Fuggles        	 4.4%	10 min

Boil temperature of water: 212F
Grain Starting Temperature: 65F
Desired Grain/Water Ratio: 1.0 quarts/pound
Strike Water:  6.50 gallons of water at 174F
First Mash Temperature: 155F
Second Mash Temperature: 170F
Boiling Water to add:  2.82 gallons 

Water Absorbed by Grain:  2.60 gal
Water Evaporated during boil:  1.50 gal
Wort Left in Brewpot:  1.00 gal
Add  5.78 gal of water to yield 10.0 gal of wort

Take off one gallon at the sparge, and add 1 tsp. Sweet Gale, and 
10 allspice (whole) let this sit in a gallon bottle (with air lock) during
the boil and add at the end of the boil.

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