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Wed Sep 17 09:13:15 PDT 1997

On Tue, 16 Sep 1997, Wylie A. & Gail D. Smith wrote:

> Actually, what I found is the malting process at the time was inconsistent,
> to say the least, so I added "just a bit of color" with the caramel and to
> get it "In class" with English Old Style as is standard today.  This is to

Okay, so were you brewing an English beer of Renaissance style or were 
you brewing an "Old Ale" of the modern style, with some reference to the 
older recipe?  The "Old Ale" style does not refer to the antiquity of the 
recipes, but to the fact that these beers are aged for a long time.

> It is only 1 pound in 25, so still, its close!

I use a mix of modern brown malt with pale or dark-kiln some of my pale in
my oven.  Crystal malt is simply a completely different malt.  Could I
afford to build my own straw kiln, I would do so.  However, given that
brown malt is available, that browning malt in the oven poses very little
inconvenience, and that crystal malt has a very different saccharide
profile, I would not feel comfortable using it on any pre-1830 or so
recipe, unless I were to specifically mark that beer as "inspired"  by the
early recipe rather than actually being a re-creation of it. 

> The source was from the Rialto postings, making reference to the Abbey at
> St. Pauli.  Shall I find it for you?

I merely asked for a citation.

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