hist-brewing: Eight Day Beer

Baden,Doug baden at oclc.org
Thu Jul 17 10:43:17 PDT 1997

OK, I now have the recipe in hand:

8 lbs 2 row British malted barley
1 lb  Munich malt
1 Lb Crystal Malt (90 L)

Added to boil:
1 tbs Gypsum
1/4 tsp irish moss

The mash was done according to Poole where the start water was
at 174 degrees F (I am just not good at the steam test), and was added
to the ground grains in a primary fermenter with blankets wrapped
around it, stirring the grains briskly, adding enough water to cover
the wet grains and just a little more.  The final temperature should
be around 154 F.

Cover and let stand for 2 hours stirring occasionally.  I started another
batch of beer during this time.

Incidentally, an iodine test showed complete conversion of starch.

I used a nylon straining bag instead of a sieve to strain out the grain,
running the extra 170 F water needed to bring the total up to 4 gallons
through the grains.  I cheated, but it was easier to handle the primary
without 5 gallons of water and malt in it!

I also made a small beer from the spent grains (SG. 1.022).

I ended up with 4 gallons of wort, and split this into 1 gallon test
batches and added:
     2 tbs dried sage (I will try fresh next)
     1 cup dried rose hips
     1/4 oz. hallertauer hop flowers
      1 batch left plain

I boiled each test batch and added the gypsum and irish moss at the
appropriate times.  Cooled the starting SG was 1.061.  I do not have
the ending SG, as it changed while I drank it :)!

I used liquid Wyeast brand British Ale yeast.  The beer finished out
in 7 days for me.

My personal favorite was the sage.  The rosehips have a citrus flavor
that I do not like.  The hopped batch came out great, as did the plain.

This beer is slightly sweeter than you will be used to, and of course
there is no carbonation.  If you do carbonate this, the flavor changed
radically in a few hours then should sit for the two or three weeks to
let the particulate fall out.

I am going to make some of this at Pennsic and serve from the
primary using dipping cups!  I think the Vikings will love it!  I could
post the SG each day along with the % alcohol :).


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