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Melissa Hicks meliora at macquarie.matra.com.au
Wed Jul 16 18:06:44 PDT 1997


        I've just joined the list and thought I'd introduce myself.... I'm
Drake Morgan, from 
the Barony of Politarchopolis in Lochac (Canberra, Australia). 

I've been brewing beers, ales, meads, fruit wines and kumiss for about 2
years.  I've
justed started mashing, my first attempt being a dismal failure.  I fact, I
have some great
failure stories to tell if anyone is interested.  I've started a herb garden
and have been
mucking around with some of the more complicated of Digby's Mead recipes.
A couple of Questions:

        1)  Has anybody tried the following Digby recipes:
                        Hydromel as it was made weak for the Queen Mother,
                        Countess of Bullingbrook's White Metheglin,
                        Countess of Newport's Cherry Wine,
                        My Lady Gower's White Meathe used at Salisbury (with
Rose Hips).
              I would love to compare notes with anyone who has tried these.

        2)  Is the editor of 'SCUM' on this list?
        3)  Has anyone got documentation for Belgian Lambics, Faro & Grand Crus?

        4)  What are people's views of the best kinds of yeast to use for
period meads.  
              I prefer a straight ale yeast to give me a sweeter product but
other brewers in
              Lochac are using Champagne Yeast which I suspect may end up
too strong and
              dry for a period mead. Again, peoples opinions please.

        5)  I have a distinct lack of ale recipes apart from Digby's Ales &
Braggots.  Can
             anyone help with sources?  I heard of March Beer, October Beer
and a beer
             with beets but have no source.

        6)  Call me an 'Authenticity Nazi' if you wish but i try to stick to
brews where I have
             only a primary or a good secondary source.  Are there others
out there with the
             same goals?  What percentage of gentles on this group are
affiliated with the SCA?

        7)  How long has the mailing list been going for?


Drake Morgan, 

Innkeeper for "The Village" Household, 
Barony of Politarchopolis,
Principality of Lochac.

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