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Thu Jul 3 09:23:55 PDT 1997

Greetings to all of You!

I do not have the space to destill or brew so I resorted to cordials and the like.

Yes M'Lord Arundel is not alone with his wish to get hold of  M'Lord Arnaud's

M'Lady Monica my documentation was made of * They knew of the medical use of ginger, they used mead, and they made all sorts of medical potions just by stepin things in -, boiling things in honey and adding them to-, infuse things in -, ...- alcohol.*

It was enough for our kingdom A&S fair.
So why should you not come up with somthing which might have existed.
(There was a lengthy discusion on an other mail list about the word creativ in SCA just meaning this)

I do not know if my second post reached all, basical it said that I tried my hand succsesfully on a flavored meade (by infusion and later by boiling the ginger with honey and adding the gingerflavoured Honey to the mead. The original asks for brandy as base, but as I could only find non reliable second and third source documentation I used mead.

Here is the basic recipie:

take a bottle of brandy or mead (750-1000ml)
take a medium ginger root (FRESH) ca. 100-150 g
cut it into small pieces
put them into the alcohol
let the mixture stand for at least 3 weeks ( I used the fridge as the
mead was not very strong)
decant the alcohol and put  the remaining ginger
into a smal pot with 4-5 spoons of honey
boil  this  once, cool  and add the alcohol
let stand for another few days

And then taste and adjust the sweetness with honey
If you do-not  want the taste of ginger to prominent AND HOT
do not boil the cut ginger with the honey
but just warm it and adjust the taste.

I will be on holiday for the next two weeks so if you do not hear anything be patient I will not let the topic rest.

If I should talk only privately with those gentles who offered their help please tell me.
I do have trouble to reach certain e-mail adresse but I will try to cope.

Yours Katharina

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