hist-brewing: cordials

Baden,Doug baden at oclc.org
Thu Jul 3 08:21:41 PDT 1997

Most recipes from period start with distilled alcohol, preferably brandy,
but mostly just multiply distilled anything.  Then you flavor it through
maceration, infusion, or some such like method.

There are recipes in medical books that I have read.  They are not for
the timid, though.  Most of the medical ones start off with take X add Y
and distill it, but cordials usually do not.  X and Y are enough to turn a
strong stomach.


>Is there anybody out there who makes cordials and or Liqueurs?

I do a bit, but haven't really been able to do anything both documentable
and legal.  What's out there in the way of pre-1600 cordial recipes that
*don't* start "take X, add Y, and distill it"?  Most of the early recipes
seem to be wine with additives distilled, and I find myself wondering if
brandy with additives is even close.


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