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Aaron L McKinley arnaud_dmr at juno.com
Wed Jul 2 13:41:28 PDT 1997

On Tue, 01 Jul 1997 18:46:50 +0200 MAYERS at bender.co.at (MAYER,ING,SUSANNE
   FEM BENAT) writes:
>Greetings from the far away lands of Drachenwald  M'ladys and M'lords!
>Is there anybody out there who makes cordials and or Liqueurs?
>Katharina Woinovich
>Vienna / Austria / Europe
>*Sorry, no Kangaroos!*

As a matter of fact, I also make cordials and liqueurs. I recently
obtained a copy of a 15the cent. German recipe for Aqua Vitae. I had been
looking for it for a while and a friend here in the West gave it to me as
well as a sample, a list of ingredients and one of the harder to find
ingredients (some galengale root). It's supposed to be used as a tonic
before battle or an elixir to raise the dead after battle  (seriously!).
I actually like the taste of it. 

I do other things as well: fruits and herbs.  Hope I can help.


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