hist-brewing: Strength of Mead

Chuck Graves chuck_graves at mail.hq.faa.gov
Tue Jul 1 11:30:40 PDT 1997

>> >It just takes too much boiling to get apple juice to a respectable 
>> >strength.
>> That is a curious statement.  Do you have a source which shows the boiling 
>> of ANY fruit juice?
>Nope, and I doubt they did it.  Thanks for supporting my point.

While we may agree that boiling of fruit juice was not a normal technique, my 
main concern was what you said prior to that.

>> >I believe it was more likely the other way. Cyser and pyment were 
>> >developed to extend the apple and grape juices with a cheaper, less 
>> >flavorful ingredient (honey).  

Honey was neither cheap nor less flavorful.  Using honey in cyser and 
pyment to increase their strength is substantially different from 
using it to "stretch" the juices.  The simple truth is you can't do 
both at the same time.  You either do one or the other.

>Who *buys* juice and honey anyway?

Frankly, everyone I know.  I'm the only person in my circle that ever raised 
bees, and I can't do it now because of where I live...but perhaps again next 
year.  We're not blessed with personal lands, an orchard, and an apiary.  We 
settle for what currency can bring us.


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