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Tue Jul 1 11:00:02 PDT 1997

Thank you for your offer.
As I do not own the complete Anachronist to the same craft I must work from what I can find in my meager library (most of the books do not list anything about it).

I did make a ginger-meade and entered it at A&S as cordial.
And I did make some lemonbalm-meade and -wine.
My documentation came from medical literature about the use of ginger and the use of mead as base for medical beverages and  I stated that they PROBABLY may have made something like that. I did not give any specific time just a frame within this could have been made. (I won with it and noone commented on the docu other than birng the books next time (I only wrote a bibliography) but books were almost all in german and all judges spoke only english, so why back more luggage into an allready crowded car.
Most of the medical stuff tastes awfull.
Did they use distilled spirits? (time?)
I know they used wine for a lot of herbal beverages.

But I would like to know what else there is in the way of cordials.
Next I will try a hypocras.

So could you please  help me?

Yours sincerely Katharina
Von: Baden,Doug
Betreff: RE: hist-brewing: cordials
Datum: Dienstag, 1. Juli 1997 19:24

Yes, perhaps I may help, m'lady.

Greetings from the far away lands of Drachenwald  M'ladys and M'lords!
Is there anybody out there who makes cordials and or Liqueurs?

Katharina Woinovich
Vienna / Austria / Europe
*Sorry, no Kangaroos!*

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