hist-brewing: Strength of Mead

Baden,Doug baden at oclc.org
Fri Jun 27 12:09:37 PDT 1997

I have documentation in tertiary sources that state
honey was being stretched, but also that time was being saved.
Straight mead takes longer to age out than the adulterated versions.

As for boiling the fruit, my studies are not in wine so my sources are again
tertiary at best, but I have made a pear wine, and it requires boiling
or the wild yeast on it ruins the delicate flavors of that delectable wine. 

> Cysers and metheglins were developed to extend the honey with
> cheaper ingredients.

I believe it was more likely the other way. Cyser and pyment were
developed to extend the apple and grape juices with a cheaper,
less flavorful ingredient (honey).  Developmentally, cyser was likely
a fortified type of cider, not a flavored mead.  It just takes too
much boiling to get apple juice to a respectable strength.


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