hist-brewing: Marsh Rosemary?

Carol Reed pcr at ic.net
Mon Jun 16 15:23:49 PDT 1997

>    I'm not quite sure about one of the ingredients in the gruit.  My 
>local homebrew shop has myrica gale, and I'm sure I can scare up yarrow 
>somewhere, but "Ledum Palustre (Marsh Rosemary)" has me thoroughly 
>confused.  What is this herb?  I can't seem to find any other reference 
>to it.  Is it related to the rosemary in my spice cabinet?  The 
>Linnaean name given doesn't seem to indicate any relationship to 
>convetional rosemary (Rosemaris something-or-other, if I remember 
>rightly).  Are the two remotely similar in flavor?  

One of the references I have buried (History of House Brewing?)
'gruit' was actually the name for whatever combination of herbs
the ale-wife happened to use in her brewing. There was no standard
combination of herbs called "gruit", and in fact, it would vary from
house to house.

If this is indeed the case, I would suggest that you don't exactly
duplicate the recipe. Instead, experiment! Find a combination of
herbs that *you* like.


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