hist-brewing: Strength of Mead

Phil & Carol Reed pcr at ic.net
Wed Jun 11 19:08:48 PDT 1997

At 12:13 PM 6/11/97 -0400, Cindy Renfrow wrote:

>To make six sesters of bochet take six pints of very soft honey and set it
>in a cauldron on the fire, and boil it and stir it for as long as it goes
>on rising and as long as you see it throwing up liquid in little bubbles
>which burst and in bursting give off a little blackish steam; and then move
>it, and put in seven sesters of water and boil them  until it is reduced to
>six sesters, always stirring.

If a sester is 2 gallons, as Hagen implies, and a pint is even close
to a modern pint, then we have really weak mead.


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