hist-brewing: Cloudiness

Bryan Maloney bjm10 at cornell.edu
Wed May 14 09:33:37 PDT 1997

>Agreed about the time in bottle and fully converting malts.  Unfortunately,
>some folks can only afford American 6 row barley.  I happen to like the

http://www.hoptech.com/ no shipping on any order over $50.00.  Prices on
high-quality malts comparable to American 6-row.  They carry some very nice
Canadian malts, which is how they can afford it.  I am not an employee or

>Interesting eh?  They liked that sweet flavor that you find straight out of
>secondary!  It was cloudy too...

It probably varies by the particular type of beer.  As I mentioned in
unintentionally private email (got to remember to adjust my reply headers),
Markham mentioned the importance of settling March beers and other strong
beers to clarity.  Twopennies probably were fairly cloudy.  Of course, I
only made my first twopenny this year, and I just haven't the time to drink
it all in just a week or so...

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