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In article: <3377DD09.393F at dowco.com> willow at dowco.com writes:
> I kind of specialize in wines both country and mead.  I would like to 
> learn how to brew beer/ale.  I have never tasted a homemade beer/ale 
> that I liked.  Most were too yeasty and cloudy.  Is this poor brewing 
> or  do all homemade beer/ale taste like this?

Poor brewers will tell you that all homemade beers are cloudy & yeasty 

Usually its because the beer is bottled, or put in its final cask,  
whilst it still has a good ammount of yeast in it.  An intermediate 
conditioning step can make a much clearer pint!   

Hmmm that's a thought.  I'll have to ask my tame brewer how they bottle 
beer in a small brewery.

IMHO the "homemade" taste is often the result of using too much sugar, 
and not enough malt.  

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