hist-brewing: Cloudiness

Baden,Doug baden at oclc.org
Tue May 13 10:54:38 PDT 1997

Agreed about the time in bottle and fully converting malts.  Unfortunately,
some folks can only afford American 6 row barley.  I happen to like the
Belgium 2 row variety.  Gives a full flavor.

6 months until it is ready?  My beers are usually set for 3-4 months in the 
before reaching their peak, but I have tried that Imperial Stout and WOW it
does take a long time.  That is a malt wine, but the uninitiated need not 
apply :).
We want it all for OURSELVES MUWAhahahahah!!!

Most historical beers were not drunk as beer, but for the food value.  This
changed in the 1700's.  The tax laws took a while to catch up, but they of
course have :(.   The good doctor Boorde talks about when to drink beer,
not less than 6 days old, and not if it tastes bitter or is dead.  He was 
about the _yeast_!  So this 6+ months of waiting for the historical man was
out of the question!

Interesting eh?  They liked that sweet flavor that you find straight out of 
secondary!  It was cloudy too...


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