hist-brewing: Help - 9th-10th Century No. European Recipes

jean_michel at juno.com jean_michel at juno.com
Fri Jan 10 22:41:25 PST 1997

I am looking for recipes and suggestions for a 9th or 10th century
Northern European (Viking) Ale.  I have agreed to brew one for a large
dinner (75) on Feb. 22nd.  I have documented a Scottish Heather Ale Mead
Recipe, and I am thinking of using it, however I have done this before
and would like to serve something new.  Any suggestions?  Please also
include at least an idea of why the recipe is authentic to the period, if
not actual bibliographical documentation.  I was hoping for something
from the norse sagas/legends etc.


James M. Lafler
jean_michel at juno.com

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