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Bryan John Maloney bjm10 at cornell.edu
Mon Aug 19 14:13:38 PDT 1996

> The most general use I have seen is for the SCA to refer to 'light 
> weapons' as rapier or duello and reserve the term 'fencing' to modern 
> strip sports. Fencing usually includes differing classes such as foil, 
> epee, and saber. I am curious what you mean by "rapier, the real thing". 

I mean the real thing.  I mean RAPIERS not dressed up epees.  I study 
rapier and dagger in Renaissance style, not with the SCA.  We use 
rapiers of historic length and weight.  The only difference is that we 
use foiled rapiers and not sharp ones.  Like I said, SCA folk like to 
pretend they're the only group around.

> >...there is still the legal issue of permitting minors to help you brew. 
> >(It's not a moral issue as far as I'm concerned.)  
> I don't see a legal issue in making lemonade or grape juice. For the 

Now, are you a lawyer?  Are you going to hand down a legal decision?  I 
advocate caution.  If Excise gets a bee up their butt on you, it can be 
pretty hairy.

> IMHO, "mere children of 18-20" who are willing to die for their country 
> are NOT children. The problem you allude to is with our society--which 

Are you a Supreme Court Justice?  Can you change the law of the land 
singlehandedly.  Don't give me polemic without some real teeth to back up 
your desires.  Don't just spout rhetoric.  Like you say, the law must be 
obeyed, even if it's a stupid law.

> >If you want to be legally butt-covered, I'd say that you should restrict 
> >all but "theoretical" application away from anybody under the local 
> >drinking age.  
> I couldn't disagree with you more. No rationale is sufficient for 
> restricting knowledge and learning--NONE.

How many fines and how much prison are you willing to take if a judge 
decides you're in violation of liquor laws.  I was advocating caution.  
State liquor boards are notoriously humorless from time to time...

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