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Chuck Graves chuck_graves at mail.hq.faa.gov
Mon Aug 19 14:43:31 PDT 1996

Greetings, all.
First a question from an earlier post...
>(It's a bit of a tender spot with me because I also study rapier, the 
>real thing, not epee in the round like SCA does, but SCA folk 
>immediately presume that I'm talking about what they allege is 
>rapier--but isn't--whenever I speak of my studies.)
The most general use I have seen is for the SCA to refer to 'light 
weapons' as rapier or duello and reserve the term 'fencing' to modern 
strip sports. Fencing usually includes differing classes such as foil, 
epee, and saber. I am curious what you mean by "rapier, the real thing". 
The SCA is the only organization I've met that uses that particular 
term--all the other instances I've seen use fencing. Just curious.
As far as instructing "minors" with respect to brewing, I see no problems 
whatsoever. There is a world of difference between giving alcohol to 
minors and teaching them how to produce it.
>...there is still the legal issue of permitting minors to help you brew. 
>(It's not a moral issue as far as I'm concerned.)  
I don't see a legal issue in making lemonade or grape juice. For the 
first few days, that's ALL you have. I don't think we should FABRICATE a 
legal problem which simply doesn't exist.
>From what I've seen, it only approaches "legally safe" when the minors' 
>parents are directly involved.  However, a good number of SCA members 
>are mere children of 18-20, usually sans parents, thus we have a 
>SCA-unique problem.
IMHO, "mere children of 18-20" who are willing to die for their country 
are NOT children. The problem you allude to is with our society--which 
needs to normalize its laws to be in consonance with the Constitution and 
its Amendments. Also, "underage drinking" is NOT SCA-unique--like it or 
not the law must be obeyed with respect to alcohol consumption.
>If you want to be legally butt-covered, I'd say that you should restrict 
>all but "theoretical" application away from anybody under the local 
>drinking age.  

I couldn't disagree with you more. No rationale is sufficient for 
restricting knowledge and learning--NONE.

>It may make you unpopular with the kiddies, but liquour laws are nothing 
>to scoff at, and nothing can get you and your sponsoring group shut down 
>faster than excise/liquour violations...

Once again, brewing classes to include ANY AND ALL activities associated 
with production are NOT violations of the law. The line is drawn at 
consumption. The only activity I will not allow minors to participate in is 
a formal (or informal) tasting. That's the only activity proscribed by law 
and the only one I feel must be enforced (even when I don't like it).

Chuck Graves

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