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Thu Jul 25 13:25:06 PDT 1996

Business is slow too. I guess if we want History, we'll have to make some !
Start an argument. Suggest a project. Ask a question.

News: There WILL be a Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Northern California,
again the "last at the Novato site", as the developers of the golf course
have been stymied for yet another year. There will also be an Elizabethan
Homebrewing Competition, with categories of Pale Ale, Stout, Porter, Brown
Ale and Specialties (they suggest Meads, Fruited & Spiced Ales, Barleywines,
Ciders, Non-Alcoholic and Elizabethan Brews) 

Contest entries must be received between Aug 27 and Sep 4, 1996. Ship to
R.P.F. Brewing Competition, 1410 Highway 37, Novato CA 94945.  Three Plain
brown 12 oz. bottles with caps inked black for each category, with entry form
attached to each.
Non-Commercial brewers only. 

They are seeking Judges. Preliminary judgings are September 7 & 8, Finals
judging September  15.

Entry is a hefty $10 per bottle, but you get in free on the 15th.

For entry forms, write to POB B, Novato CA 94948, or phone (415) 892-0937


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