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Greetings, all.

>Dose any one know were I might find a pre 1600 recipe for beer with honey.  

Yes and no. You can certainly find a couple in Digbie. But that is just after 
1600 (although, arguably a storehouse of information which dates to before 
the turn of that century). My best recommendation is to use Digbie--and stick 
to the initial SCA cutoff of 1650.  8^)

>I have brewed for a short while and now wish to enter some brews in to 
>compation in the SCA.  I  am clueless on how to document it.  Any suggestion 
>on sources etc would be greatly welcomed.

Period References:

  Sir Kenelme Digbie, The closet of the eminently learned Sir Kenelme Digbie kt. 
  opened: whereby is discovered several ways for making of metheglyn, sider, 
  cherry-wine, &c., 1669
  Gervase Markham, The English Hus-wife, 1615
  Sir Hugh Platt, The Jewell House of Art and Nature, 1594
  Sir Hugh Platt, Delights for Ladies, 1609
  W. M., The Queens Closet Opened, London: 1655 
Modern references:
  Renfrow, Cindy, A Sip Through Time. Self published: 7 El's Way, Sussex, NJ 
  07461 [she's lurking around here somewhere...  8^)]
A copy of Digbie is available in Duke Cariadoc's Collection, Volume I. He can be
reached at

David Friedman
3806 Williams Rd.
San Jose, CA 95117
Phone number: 408 244-3330

A Sip Through Time is a wonderful place to start. With regard to the other 
period sources, check the largest college library close to you. Some of them 
are available through the Early English Text Society series of reproductions. 
Or you take a trip to the Library of Congress and fondle the 17th century 
versions...boy was that worth the trip!

Chuck Graves

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