hist-brewing: The list change

Marc Shapiro mshapiro at nando.net
Thu Jun 13 08:58:08 PDT 1996

On Wed, 12 Jun 1996, Chuck Graves wrote:

>      Do I take it that neither the author nor recipient will show as 
>      "hist-brewing"?
>      If so, you made life more difficult than easy. I don't think this list 
>      has a problem with posting public responses that should be private. 
>      But the absence of a list name means my filters don't work--and those 
>      are essential to me with all the mail I get.

I don't use filters, so that is not my problem with the change.  What I 
do find very annoying, however, is that there is now no way for me to 
send a response *only* to the list (other than by manually changing the 
'To" and 'CC' fields as I did on this post).  If I say no to 'Reply to 
all recipients' then it only replies to the sender.  If I say yes, then 
it replies to the sender and the list, which means the sender will get 
two copies of the same posting.  If the message is a reply to another 
posting and I say yes to the 'Reply to all recipients' query then the 
sender gets a reply, the original sender gets a reply and the list gets 
posted to.  This is a lot of duplication.  Before the chang, I could send 
to just the sender, or just the list.  This made a lot more sense, to 
me.  What do other people on the list think about this?

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