hist-brewing: administrivia: we're now a majordomo list

Greg Lindahl Greg-Lindahl at deshaw.com
Wed Jun 12 09:39:16 PDT 1996

This list is now a Majordomo mailing list. This just means a few
cosmetic changes, and you will subscribe/unsubscribe by sending
mail to majordomo at pbm.com. The reply address is now the poster
and not the list, so you are less likely to accidentally send
a private reply to the list.

There is one major new feature, a digest. This collects together
postings into chunks. The digest list is named "hist-brewig-digest"
and you can unsubscribe from this list and subscribe to the digest by
writing majordomo at pbm.com and saying:

   unsubscribe hist-brewing
   subscribe hist-brewing-digest

-- greg
To unsubscribe from this list, send email to majordomo at pbm.com containing
the words "unsubscribe hist-brewing". To contact a human about problems, send
mail to owner-hist-brewing at pbm.com

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