bwbug: Reminder: The next BWBUG meeting will be this Tuesday the 8th at Georgetown Univ

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Mon Jan 7 05:56:35 PST 2008

_NEXT BWBUG MEETING Jan 8th, Featuring Kevin Kelly  from Terascala_ 
We are pleased to announce that Kevin  Kelly Terascala  will be our special 
guest speaker.  January  8, 2008  at Georgetown University from 2:30 to 5:00 
PM.  Please join us for a very informative talk on low cost very high speed 
storage  for High Performance Computing. 
_http://www.terascala.com_ (  
Meeting Location: 3300 Whitehaven Street,  Washington DC 20007. (this is NOT 
at the main Georgetown U campus. This is an  off campus building one block 
from Wisconsin  avenue).

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