bwbug: Introduction to Beowulf Administering Class: Jan 2007

Jess Cannata jac67 at
Thu Dec 14 08:03:15 PST 2006

Our next class in January 2007. Registration is now open


Georgetown University's Advanced Research Computing, in cooperation with 
the Baltimore Washington Beowulf User Group, is pleased to announce 
"Introduction to Beowulf Administering," the first course in the High 
Performance and High Throughput Computing Series. This introductory 
course is geared toward Linux/Unix system administrators who want to 
learn how to design, build, and maintain Beowulf Clusters. For more 
course details and registration information, see the URL below or 
contact Jess Cannata directly. 

Jess Cannata
Advanced Research Computing
Georgetown University
202 687 3661

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