bwbug: Members of the BWBUG have been invited to a HPC Conference at the Ronald Regan Building in DC Dec 5th

Michael Fitzmaurice Michael.Fitzmaurice at
Fri Nov 17 12:20:09 PST 2006

I have invited some of my closest friends to discuss HPC at the Ronald
Regan Building. Dr. Earl Joseph will be the keynote speaker and will
have a ton of valuable information regarding the HPC market. Geva Perry
will provide some valuable data on a great way to scale and virtualize a
Linux Cluster for increased performance and reliability. . You will get
a great breakfast and hear some insightful discussions. The event is
being coordinated by FCW and sponsored by GTSI and SUN. I promise there
will be no sales or marketing only technical discussions.  I am "hand
picking" the speakers. 


For more information go to the link and you must Register at the FCW
website. See Link below for more detail.


Mike Fitzmaurice



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