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Celeste Lyn Paul celeste at
Tue Sep 26 16:46:25 PDT 2006

Hey all, 

I am looking for a few good developers with experience using large libraries 
and documentation who would be willing to participate in a usability test 
activity.  If you or someone you know (friend, coworker) are interested in 
helping out KDE (and the world!), please reply.

Tentatively the test will be during the week of October 9th or 16th (I have to 
schedule the portable lab) and will only take 1 hour of your time. The 
location has not been set, but depending on the location of participants 
(DC-Metro and Baltimore-Metro area), it will be local and accessible.  
Remember, participants will receive $30 which may be donated back to KDE or a 
KDE Project.

Below I have included the Call for Participation, feel free to forward that 
part of the message on to friends or coworkers in the area who may be 
interested in participating.


~ Celeste


As you know I do a lot of work on KDE and I am planning a usability activity 
mid-October. The dates and times are flexible, the activity is expected to 
last up to one hour, and participants will receive $30USD.

If you or someone you know:

… has experience developing for a large project like KDE, Gnome, Apache, or 
other non-Open Source projects

… are interested in becoming involved in a large project like KDE.. etc.

… has experience using large libraries like GTK or QT

… are interested in learning how to use large libraries like GTK or QT

… has experience or are interested in desktop client interface design and 

… lives in the DC-Metro (including NoVa) or Baltimore-Metro area

… are interested in participating in a usability activity and improving the 
quality of software

… contact me to sign up for the activity or to get more information. Remember 
KDE or Open Source experience is not required

Please contact me at Celeste_ at _KDE_._org if you are interested in 
particpating. I also appreciate if you could forward this message to your 
local LUGs or college clubs.


Celeste Lyn Paul
KDE Usability Project
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